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Sunday, 01 August 2010


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Dan Hicks

Not all models of GTR can be foliated. IIRC, the presence of singularities -- like black holes -- rules out foliation by ruling out Cauchy surfaces that include the singularity, or something like that. And there are black holes. Therefore &c.

Scott Hgaman

You are correct, Dan. I should have been more careful. Not all spacetime models in GR can be foliated into hyperplanes of simultaneity (e.g., a Godel universe can't be so foliated). Still, I take it that the main contenders can be so foliated.

I also take it that GR is itself in some scientific trouble, and so I'm not really that impressed by appeals to it anymore than I'm impressed by appeals to SR, which is also in some scientific trouble. The defender of the falsity of presentism has a lot of work to do if they want to (i) appeal to scientific theories that are known to be in scientific trouble, and (ii) appeal to specific models of those theories (which can't be foliated in the way the presentist requires). Absent serious scientific and philosophical argument, the eternalist who appeals to these sorts of things is in an incredibly dialectically weak position.

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