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Sunday, 06 March 2005


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chris mankey

"I would always ask the girls who smoked cigarettes out on dates, because I figured if they would put a cigarette in their mouth, they'd put almost anything in their mouth."

Sounds like brother jed has a bit of a smoking fetish.I saw brother jed once and he mentioned that smoking reminded him fallatio. I don't think he would admit he was turned on by such a thing though. Bet he sat in the smoking section and ogled the girls there.


I remember Jed Smock from when I was a young
girl. He went out on the promenade of Richmond, In with his wife and told women walking down the sidewalk they were whores and the men didn't get any mercy either. The police were called and they were asked to leave. For people who are really Christians and love God he gives them a bad name. Jesus preached love and mercy. There is judgment but it is not ours to make.

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